Bringing Children Together in Song

Our mission is to give children the experience of musical artistry and excellence in a group that reflects the diversity of Greater North Texas.

Founded in 2003, the Children’s Chorus of Greater North Texas is more than a group of children who sing exceptional music well. 

The Chorus provides a community where children learn and practice critical values such as integrity, responsibility, caring, respect for others, teamwork, and a love of beauty.  The Chorus regards children as artists and musicians worthy of respect.

A Note From Susan Matthews, Artistic Director

Magic happens every week at our rehearsals.  The children act like all other kids when they enter the rehearsal room - making friends, talking, and laughing. Then I sing a quiet "oo", and every face is called to attention.  As the children join in singing that pure note, the room comes to life and the hard but joyous work of making music begins.  For an hour, these young singers learn to read and interpret the musical score, shape vowels, articulate consonants, and mold notes and phrases into beautiful music.  It is indeed magic.  And it happens week after week.

You are invited to be a part of this magic! 

To schedule an audition, or for more information contact:
Susan Matthews


Children’s Chorus Receives $1000 Grant From Target!